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No More Building Email lists The Long And Hard Way.

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Build Your Email List


No more long and costly paid ads using squeeze pages to try and collect leads. 


With one CLICK create your own 100,000 highly targeted email list with our email extractor


Build Your Email List

This software will allow you to SCRAP/EXTRACT Emails from facebook and websites, You can do in hours what it used to take months.

Sell Your Leads

It’s up to you you could then decide to sell your leads to companies, or proceed to promote to them yourself

Ecom 2.0 

This software also has one of the best facebook ad data analysis and not only that but also allows your to find top trending products and where to buy them

Jump Start Your Sales

Whether its for Shopify, Dropshipping, Amazon, or collecting leads this software has everything built into it with an easy step by step interface that will get you started right away



Your all in one Email lead marketing and Ecommerce tool, if i said you to i’m going to get you the converting leads in any niche you want and then be able to promote to them on the same day then i will find you the hottest products at the cheapest prices in that niche that those leads love then all you have to do is send them an email with the product what would you say? 

 Because that’s what Email lead marketing tool does for you. No more do you have to set up an autoresponder, setting up paid advertising, and testing out countless landing pages and finding products to see what one converts or doesn’t. This amazing Email lead marketing tool takes away the mess and stress of all the hard work. so whether if your just beginning or an established marketer this tool is perfect for anyone

With this simple amazing tool it allows you extract or scrap anyones email straight from Facebook and not just one but 1000s of emails at once, all you need to go is type in a fan page or group on Facebook I.E affiliate marketing, or pets, find the most liked and followed pages and then the tool will collect everyone’s email who has commented on a post allowing you only to get the most targeted, interactive, and engaged leads right into your Word document, And yes as you can see in the video these are REAL emails NOT emails.

 Once you have your your list of 5,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 how ever many leads you want then the Ecom lead Marketing tool will then show you the most TRENDING and POPULAR products in that niche to promote, NOT ONLY THAT but will also show you where to buy it at the CHEAPEST price and where to sell it to make a profit. See below example.

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